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If John Waters directed Bonnie and Clyde as an homage to Laverne & Shirley, the result would be something like the hysterical Red Lipstick the movie. Incorporating the manic approach of The Monkees and the camp aesthetic of the 60s Batman TV series, this heist movie in drag is a laugh-riot from wigs to stilettos.  Starring, Hedda Lettuce and Miss Understood as a pair of none-too-glam dragqueens, down on their luck and living the low life in New York City circa 1992.  A not particularly bright scheme to reinvent themselves as Bonnie and Bunny, bank robbers in daring frocks, rockets them to fame and finally gives them enough cash to hire a posh, Eastern European, interior decorator, specializing in rococo. But all is not feather boas and sequins.  The envy of Brenda, bitchy Morticia Adams clone, and Violet, a whip-wielding dominatrix, scheme to ruin the party. Cannot forget to mention Frankie, psychotic toxic waste magnate and underworld honcho, who has his eye on the gals' booty, er, money. Preposterously kinetic and colorful, every frame in the worst possible taste and a hundred below-the-waist gags make Red Lipstick the movie a vibrant, low budget, lowbrow  comedy which brilliantly captures the lost drag era of the early 90’s. Look out for Deborah Harry in an outrageous cameo, as Ezmerelda the alcoholic psychic. and Jane Lynch, the emotional newscaster, with a surprise twist in the end.



Get Ready to Take a Trip

                      Down the Drag Hole! 

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Red Lipstick The Movie

Red Lipstick The Movie - Synopsis

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