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Alexandra King - Writer / Director Bio

Alexandra King, wrote and directed her first feature film, Red Lipstick the movie, an imaginative, campy comedy featuring two drag queens who lose their jobs and go on a Bonnie and Clyde rampage around New York City . . . but neither one wants to be Clyde. 


After turning down financing for Red Lipstick the movie from Vista Street Entertainment, an LA-based distribution company, Alexandra decided to self-finance the majority of the project on her credit cards. This option allowed her to preserve artistic integrity, maintain creative control and gave her the chance to use innovative ideas and techniques to create a highly stylized film.


Alexandra delves into cutting edge issues and presents them in a new light.  After  screening a rough cut of Red Lipstick the movie,  she was hired by Pilgrims 5, a New York production company, to direct her second feature film, Zoo.   The film was shot in 35mm with a substantially larger budget.  Zoo  is a dark comedy set in the fictitious small town of Spraine, a seemingly upstanding community.   A big city private detective is hired to track down an animal serial killer.  The detective digs deeper as the killer draws him into a trap, reversing the roles of cat and mouse.  The story unravels, revealing that nothing is as it seems.


While attending New York University TISCH Film School, Alexandra directed two short films, and numerous half-hour live and taped segments for CUNY TV, a NYC cable access channel. Alexandra went on to direct promos for Comedy Central, fashion videos featuring designers such as Ralph Lauren and Bob Mackie, as well as a public service announcement for AIDS.  She has also produced an extensive list of music videos, as well as commercials and films. 


Eight years of Meisner acting training added another dimension to Alexandra's perspective, by improving her ability to understand and direct actors.   It taught her that acting is revealing and enhanced her ability to incorporate imagination and life's unexpected changes from moment to moment into her work.


In recent years, Alexandra has devoted much of her time to creating videos for non-profit organizations to benefit victims in need of disaster relief, animal conservation societies, scientific research for terminal illnesses, numerous environmental protection agencies and various children’s programs. Her videos have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars of funding for countless individuals and causes.


Alexandra King’s constant surge of new ideas always keeps her looking to the future.  She is currently working on a new script that deals with teenage angst. Her exceptional writing, dynamic directing, extraordinary style, along with unequivocal determination, unbounded creativity and a profound passion for cinema draw her back to filmmaking.

Red Lipstick The Movie

 Red Lipstick The Movie - Alexandra King - Writer / Director Bio

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